Water based anti-resistance calendering varnish

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Key Features

Highest gloss for water based coating


  • Style:Liquid Coating
  • Use:Paper Coating

Key Features

Calendering varnish

Calendering varnish is a kind of Water based varnish , general to say , it has better glossiness , anti-abrasion , flatness than normal Water based varnish , so Calendering varnish should be the highest glossiness and flatness from Water based varnish. Normally to say ,the degree of glossiness should be from 40~60 after coating process , Finishing product will reach glossiness from 80~90 after calendaring process.

During the calendering, the printed product runs through a calender in a subordinate production step. Between the heated calender cylinders (alternatively band calenders) the coating is melted. The surfaces are optimally polished by the simultaneously applied pressure. Through this smoothing, the coating develops the highest level of gloss.

Generally to speak , The ability of Rub-resistance should be from 200 to 500 times (4 pounds) , it’s better than normal Water based varnish , we also have High Rub-resistance calendering varnish CH-30701 which one we usually apply to Long-distance transport , such as Tissue box , Rub-resistance and Glossiness are very important for related Product.

Regarding the viscosity , it will be higher than normal Water based varnish since it need apply to calendering process , all in all , The results of calendering should be better if offer thicker coating on the paper . For the in-line printing machine, we suggest CH-30207 for applying to such thinner coating, high viscosity can help varnish not to be absorb too much by paper , We need select right viscosity for in-line application(75 sec Ford 4 cup) .

Press cylinder condition:Pressure :150-200㎏/㎝2
Temperature :95-110℃
Length of late: Longer then 10 Meter

The best Calendering temperature is 100℃ at least
Pressure not less than 125 ㎏/㎝2

Average coating thickness : 4~6 g/m2 
In the case of rough paper , please thicker the coating layer .





Composition                             :Emulsion of polyacrylate

Viscosity(Ford cup#4/25℃)     :50 ± 5 sec.

               Appearance               :Milky yellow liquid

               Solvent                     :Water

               Solid content(%)     :45 ± 3

               pH                            :8.5 ± 0.5

               Odor                         :Slight ammonia odor

End Use

1 .Water-base overprinting varnish for endless calender

2 . Varnish for paper board

Application  Testing

1 .Process:

CH-30209H =>Varnish roller coater on printing machine

>Use short wave inferred light =>Press cylinder

 Press cylinder condition:Pressure          :150-200㎏/㎝2

                         Temperature                 :95-110℃

                         Length of late               :Longer then 10 Meter

2 .Film Special property:

                (1)Good gloss            (4)Abrasion resistance

                (2)Mold releasing       (5)Adhesion with printing ink

                (3)Fast drying            (6)Non-yellowing






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