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    Strongest adhesion !


    • Printing Type:Digital Printing,Offset Printing,Screen Printing
    • Type:Water Based Ink

    Key Features







    Key Features


    Blister packaging consist of two elements, the printed and coated blister card and the plastic blister. In a sealing process, the blister card and the blister are combined with each other by pressure and heat. The coating film and the blister soften, melt into each other and form a compound.

    An alternative is blistering by means of ultrasonic sound. In the blister process, the coating acts as an agent between the blister card and the plastic blister. To ensure that this sensitive process works, Chwen Shyang has developed highly specialised blister coatings with excellent sealing characteristics that proved to be leading in the market. As in the sealing process the hot tool comes into contact with the rear side of the printed and coated blister card, we recommend heat resistant coatings for the rear side. 


    Better adaptation for different paper material

    Key Features



    Rougher paper should be getting better adhesion than smooth paper .

    This material is also one branch of overprinting varnish. For practice, The varnish oil had coated on the printed paper and storage waiting for packing products. The desired product will put on the coated paper and cover with certain plastic shell for mounting by heating pressure machine to get the blister sealing package .. Evaluation of its merits is the sealing speed, the broken state when the plastic shell was pulled out. The gloss property also be the point. Different mounting plastic shell , (PET, PVC) had to be suitable using this same blister oil. Generally speaking, water base blister oil had longer time for mounting processing than that of solvent based blister oil at the beginning. But after that, they are all the same mounting situation whatever solvent or water borne base oil.

    Suggest processing :

    (1) Instant heating temperature in200~300℃
    (2)Heating time in 1.5sec~2.5sec,cooling time in 2sec
    (3)Pressure 4-6kg/m 。
    (4)Generally the temperature will not show,we will use electric current to
    adjust。Generally in principle the PVC film will not scorch,the PET film will not Whitening。


    • Specification

    Composition                             :Emulsion of polyacrylate

    Viscosity(Ford cup#4/25℃)     :45 ± 5 sec.

                   Appearance                :Milky white liquid

                   Solvent                       :Water

                   Solid content(%)       :45 ± 2 %

                   pH                               :8.5 ~ 9

                   Odor                            :Slight ammonia odor





    1.Q: Are you a factory or trading company?

    A: Yes, we are one of the most professional manufacturers for overprinting varnish for printed paper substrates, includes different products line, Water based resin ,Solvent based resin, UV resin.

    2.Q: How can I get some samples?

    A: We are honored to offer you samples by express.

    3 Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

    A: Quality is the priority. We always pay much attention to quality control from beginning to end.


    General questions for Water based resin

    Q1: Why we can find the “White point” on surface ?

    A:  There are too many factors have lead to fail mirror surface , such as the paper too rough , varnish too thin , varnishing speed too high, too many powders when it printing , roller’s rubber too old to use…etc.

    Solution: Please build the varnish up , slow down the speed and change the new rubber for operate more smoothly.

    Q2 : Why not gloss after varnishing ?

    A: Please raise up the temperature for iron board (more than 100 degree ) and pressure more than 125KG/CM2 , add up more varnish or change iron board for improving.

    Q3: Blocking paper

    A:  Please keep down the temperature and slow down the varnishing speed to improve volatility too fast.

    Q4: Why Ink spread out after varnishing ?

    A:  You can varnishing after confirm the ink already dry , change the solvent or keep down the pressure of varnishing machine.


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